April 21, 2024

Name: Stella Moore

Location: Prince George, BC

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 130 lbs.

Booking Info: stellabella2269@outlook.com

Website: https://stellamoore.godaddysites.com/

Genre: Glamour

Available For: Photo shoots, Private Parties, Online Work, Videos

How would you describe your modelling style? Honestly, my modeling style is all over the place. I am pretty much willing to shoot any style or scene. I definitely prefer the steamier shoots though!

What is your sexiest feature? I’d say my sexiest feature would probably be my long legs or my blue eyes. They’re both hard to miss. 

My name is Stella Moore and I’m that 23-year-old, girl next door. I’m a baby stripper and content creator located in Canada. I love being naked and living life on the edge. “Women who behave rarely make history.” 

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