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Las Vegas, NV – July 1, 2021 – Lingerie Fighting Championships, Inc. (“LFC”) (OTC Pink:BOTY) announced today they will be conducting a month-long bracket-style tournament featuring 32 of their most promising prospects. The last two standing will each receive a contract with the controversial MMA league as well as a $1000 watch courtesy Village Watch Center. They will also be flown to Las Vegas to face each other at LFC35: Booty Camp 3D.

“We’ve been slammed with new fighters wanting to join LFC lately,” CEO Shaun Donnelly says. “So we decided to let the fans help us choose which two should debut at our next Las Vegas event and LFC Madness was born. I would describe it as exactly the same as March Madness but in July and not basketball!”

The first round begins today as Orlando-based MMA fighter T’Bella Madisyn takes on Felicia Dior from Philadelphia who describes her fighting style simply as ‘powerhouse’.

“I have been dreaming of joining LFC ever since I first saw one of their highlight videos on-line,” Madisyn says. “I love fighting and I love dressing sexy and now I can do both at the same time? Yes, please!”

While the majority of prospects are American like Madisyn and Dior, there are plenty of Europeans in the mix including Angelica Ko from a small town in Italy where the local media have gotten behind ‘The Italian Knockout’ in her bid to come to America and fight in the LFC.

“Cagliari is a very small place,” Ko explains, “so no one in my town has ever done anything like this before. They are really excited to see one of their own compete in the LFC.”

Ko has been featured in several Italian newspapers and TV news programs and has even gotten a sponsor in athletic clothing brand Leone.

“Everyone in Italy are rooting for me and doing their best to help. It’s been very exciting.”

Kat Von Kaige is another European hoping for the opportunity to make her way to Las Vegas as a finalist. “It would be a dream come true,” the Cardiff, Wales native says.

Six foot one Canadian Gia De Luca, whose nickname is ‘Giant’, agrees with Kaige. “I’ve been on the league’s radar for quite a while now, waiting for an opportunity to show them what I can do. Hopefully this is my chance.”

Fans can visit the LFC’s official web-site at to vote for their favorite prospect in each virtual match-up.

LFC35: Booty Camp 2 will take place in Las Vegas this fall. In the meantime the league is busy planning for three consecutive events at what is expected to be the most attended Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in its 81 year history. The LFC events will take place August 12th, 13th and 14th at the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip for their 40th anniversary. They will also be live streamed on Pay-Per-View at

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Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. is a sports entertainment company focused on producing unique mixed events for live audiences and television viewers featuring attractive female fighters.

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