April 21, 2024

The exclusive interview with Nannette Hammond Loschiavo

RHK: Hello Nanette, it’s a pleasure to have you here for this exclusive interview! It’s been a while since you were last featured in RHK Magazine … as always, you look amazing! How have you been? 

Nannette: To be fully transparent, I’ve been hanging on by a thread. I’ve been reinventing myself day by day, a new me. Be sure to stay tuned! 

RHK: One topic we would like to touch on today is your upcoming divorce. We’re sure this could be a sensitive, and extremely emotional topic … are you okay talking about this?

Nannette: Yes, I am ready and okay to talk about this. I’m as good as a Barbie could be while having all the luxuries of life from being depleted of two homes, all my cars, furniture, and clothes to now having zero furniture, sleeping on an air mattress, and walking to and back from work every day. Commuting for an hour in total. But every day I smile because I know what’s coming to me shortly in my divorce.

RHK: Thank you. As a model, celebrity, and television personality who was living a lavish lifestyle while seemingly “happily married”, preparing for divorce must be quite a lifestyle change. What led to the divorce? 

Nannette: What led to my divorce was …

Continue reading the rest of Nannette’s tell-all interview in the November 2022 issue of RHK Magazine, featuring all-new photos by Brian Sullivan!

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