“I would never do my marriage again. The two good years I experienced do not make up for the other 14 years of unhappiness I endured … “

The exclusive interview with Nannette Hammond Loschiavo

Photo by Brian Sullivan / HMUA by Ashley Olivia, Kendrascoutique

RHK: Hello Nanette, it’s a pleasure to have you here for this exclusive interview! It’s been a while since you were last featured in RHK Magazine … as always, you look amazing! How have you been?

Nannette:To be fully transparent, I’ve been hanging on by a thread. I’ve been reinventing myself day by day, a new me. Be sure to stay tuned! 

RHK: One topic we would like to touch on today is your upcoming divorce. We’re sure this could be a sensitive, and extremely emotional topic … are you okay talking about this?

Nannette: Yes, I am ready and okay to talk about this. I’m as good as a Barbie could be while having all the luxuries of life, to being depleted of two homes, all my cars, furniture, and clothes, to now having zero furniture, sleeping on an air mattress, and walking to and back from work every day. Commuting for an hour in total. But every day I smile because I know what’s coming to me shortly in my divorce.

RHK: That’s unbelievable! As a model, celebrity, and television personality who was living a lavish lifestyle while seemingly “happily married”, preparing for divorce must be quite a lifestyle change. What led to the divorce?

Nannette: What led to my divorce was his pant zipper couldn’t stay zipped! Lol. I’ll have to tell the rest in a Tell-All book for sure!

RHK: Wow … when will your divorce be finalized?

Nannette:Not quite sure when my divorce will be finalized.  

RHK: What are some of the challenges you are now facing (emotionally, financially, etc)?

Nannette: The challenge I’m facing right now financially is that he claimed that his business is going under and there will be no more Inland Marine Service when they’re still hiring people. If you go online, you will see for yourself. Emotionally, he’s beat me down in every aspect of the phrase and has taken everything from me. But I am a strong feisty Italian Barbie and I will fight til the end.

RHK: Let’s talk about the divorce proceedings … correct us if we are wrong, but you are acting as your attorney. How is that going?

Nannette: I was married for 16 years and I probably had a good two years in the marriage. My mom always told me to “put up, shut up, or get out”, so I stayed in it because I had small children and I didn’t want to disrupt their lives. Through my divorce proceedings, I have had to represent myself on three different occasions while he had two attorneys. I just recently had representation and my attorney wasn’t getting paid, so she removed herself from the case when I’m seven weeks out from my final divorce hearing. Where now I serve as my pro se again until I get the representation. Now mind you, my husband owns his own company and it’s the world’s largest vessel company in the United States, if that tells you anything. He claims he has no money, but I’m not buying that for one bit.

RHK: What have you learned from this experience?

Nannette: From this experience, I’ve learned that no man will ever control me again. To have that over your head for many years, I was so powerless. I was so dependent on him, and he knew that for me to break free with zero money and him locking me out of the only account that I was on, when he had multiple banking accounts, I just had to do it and fight for my kids. The moral of it all is to never depend on another man or anyone else for that matter. You have to show up for yourself every day and fight like hell to achieve your aspirations. 

RHK: If you could do your marriage all over again, what would you do differently?

Nannette: I would never do my marriage again. The two good years I experienced do not make up for the other 14 years of unhappiness I endured. But, if I absolutely had to do the marriage all over again, the very first thing I would do is make him

RHK: Once the divorce is finalized, how does your life look? What are your plans?

Nannette: Once my divorce is finalized and I get what I deserve, I have always promised my daughter that … 

RHK: Any last words? Anything else you think is really important for everyone to know?

Nannette: One last thing I guess I can tell people who read this is to never judge a book by it’s cover. The oldest lesson in the book and still people continue to do it. People can look me up on Google and social media and your results will show you something so glamorized it almost seems unrealistic. My world and lifestyle were the best things for people looking in from the outside. But I had to put a happy smile on for the sake of my children who knew nothing for 15 years. I kept silent and I think through all this my kids have suffered the most. No kid should have to experience

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