June 19, 2024

One of our all-time favorite interviews was with cover model Krystal Tuck. Krystal has gained worldwide popularity for her strikingly beautiful eyes and her cutting-edge fashion flair. However, it was her answer to one of our interview questions that truly amazed our readers.

What is your most memorable moment as a model? I got to work with a blind man and he blindfolded me on set so I could experience what his daily life was like.

What a beautiful response from an equally beautiful model … to be willing to see life thru the “lenses” of someone who was blind!

Excerpts from her exclusive interview, which included all-new photos by Rick Trottier:

Who or what inspired you to start modeling? I’ve been modeling for one year. I did a car show and being in front of the camera brought out my confidence. It was a fun day, so I kept going.
How would you describe your modeling style? I like to think of my modeling as fun, creative and adventurous.

What are your modeling goals, short-term and long-term? I hope to walk in a runway show at some point. I hope to keep having fun and see where this takes me.

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