February 25, 2024

In June 2023, we released the “Rey Edralin Showcase” series of publications. Rey’s amazing work was featured in all three of our magazines:

Monica Kadbury graced the cover of Riche Magazine, with features by Cheryl Lau and Ria Renée. Monica’s feature included an exclusive interview, where she described her modeling style:

I love to learn. I love trying new things and taking risks. I really listen and try to study from Rey and what I’ve learned from Rey, facial expressions is more powerful than a pose. – Monica Kadbury

Monica Kadbury and Cheryl Lau shared the cover of Flyrt Magazine, with a feature by Ria Renée. Cherly’s feature included an interview, where she also described her modeling style:

I don’t really have a modeling style, I prefer Rey to guide me and place me where ever he wants. – Cheryl Lau

Monica Kadbury, Cheryl Lau, and Ria Renée all had features in this month’s issue of RHK Magazine. During her interview, Ria revealed what her goals are:

My goal as a model is to gain full confidence in my craft while constantly growing and creating a lifestyle that allows me to do what I love. – Ria Renée

Check out the entire issues here:

Riche Magazine, June 2023

RHK Magazine, June 2023

Flyrt Magazine, June 2023

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