May 20, 2024

Lily Marie returns to the cover of RHK Magazine with an exclusive interview and all-new photos by Rick Trottier! In addition to her jaw-dropping photos which leave little to the imagination, she also reveals her “5 Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle”.

Secret Number 1 is getting yourself a furry friend! Maybe not too much of a frightful one, but maybe that might be for you. For me, I prefer something cutesy and sweet. Snuggles that are sure to bring you joy and happiness.

Lastly, my concluding secret Number Five is doing all things that bring you joy, happiness, positivity, and a good smile to your face! And so, if you don’t like a routine, don’t do that … because it won’t make you smile! 

Pick up your digital or print copy today to read her exclusive interview and get her complete list of healthy lifestyle secrets. And of course, you don’t want to miss her all-new photos!

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