December 6, 2023

About RHK

RHK Productions was founded in 2009, by Alexander Deal. After an 8-year professional boxing career, and a brief foray into modeling and acting, Alexander transitioned into private security. With many of his clients being models and entertainers, private security became a springboard for model management and promotions, and eventually magazine publishing.

RHK Productions was one of the first companies to embrace the digital magazine market in 2009, during a time when newsstand publications were the only “acceptable” means of media. However, fast forward a decade later, and most publishing companies have adopted both digital and print platforms, with many opting for the digital option as their primary means of distribution.

RHK Productions, aka RHK Empire, is now a worldwide marketing and promotions company for models, musical artists, entertainers, and athletes. We have 3 magazine publications (available in digital and print) which allows us to showcase our network of models, photographers, and entertainers: RHK Magazine, Riche Magazine, and Flyrt Magazine. Our publications run monthly or bi-monthly, with over 350 consecutive issue without interruption.

We pride ourselves in being creative, modern, tech-savvy, and outside-the-box. Our goal is to be the best …. while providing our clients and readers with an experience they will rave about.